As we all know, building an audience is an incredible way to create a profitable business. Brands need to tell their story and connect with their customers more than ever. Audiences are looking for great content and podcasts are a highly effective way to build an audience and connect with your potential customers.

Branded Podcast Creation

Youtube Optimization

Blog Articles Converted To Audio

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Podcast Development & Launch

Pricing Plan:  $3,900

Production Elements

Podcast Content Brainstorming Sessions

Develop Strategy for Maximum Exposure

Studio Equipment Set-up (equipment not included)

Studio Recording on Location & Podcast Training

Episode Development Planning

Content Calendar

Studio Podcast Editing and Intro/Outro Creation*

Hosting Service Set-up

Podcast Distribution Accounts Registered and Submitted (iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Spotify, etc.)

Targeted Keyword Tagging Research (Metadata/ SEO)

Project Management Templates and Systems in Asana

Show Notes Writing & Blog Creation (per episode)

Linking to Tools & Resources (per episode)

Episode Scheduling & Publishing

Advanced Stats & Reporting (Weekly)

In-Show Notes Transcriptions (TBD, outsourced)

Downloadable Transcript PDFs (TBD)

Google Tag Manager Setup

Google Analytics Setup


Blog Article Converted To Audio

$1,300 Per Month

Youtube Optimization

$1,300 Per Month