The Skate To Create skateboard podcast talks to Nate Musson of Shred Soles and the Not Snowboarding podcast. Nate Musson tells us about how manages to work full time, have his own podcast, and started a company. Being in the skate industry for 17 years, using books and podcasts for inspiration, and more are discussed in this episode of the podcast. If you are looking for tips on how to start your business, or you just want to hear a great story, this episode is for you. 

This episode of the Skate To Create podcast is focused on entrepreneurship while working a full time job, snowboarding, interviews, steps for starting a product based company, snowboarding, and it all starts from skateboarding.  We interview Nate Musson, about the impact that starting his business has had on his life. Nate Musson tells us more about how he’s learned from books like “the 4 Hour Work Week”.

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