The Epic Little Mountain, Video Blogging from a Chairlift

Raised in Ringwood East - an outer suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - Lizzay Canters grew up enjoying skateboarding and snowboarding. She’s been riding an “epic little mountain” also known as Falls Creek which has inspired SNOWrise! The Falls Creek Morning Show. She shares how some of her inner struggles inspired the blog.

“Initially, I created it to help me overcome my fear of public speaking and to distract me from getting drunk, however, now I am seeing it as a great way to help promote Falls Creek as an awesome place, vacation and life.”

Canters was a Combat Engineer in the Australian Army Reserves while gaining a Bachelor of Business (Hospitality & Tourism). She also did snow seasons at Big White & Whistler in Canada, as well as Breckenridge in Colorado. This episode of the Skate To Create skateboarding podcast is about turning life lessons into a creative outlet.

“Right now, all I do is catch the first chairlift every morning, talk to people on the chairlift - about stuff that's going on or whatever I feel like - then snowboard, film it all on my Go Pro, make a little edit and post it.”

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Click for Lizzay's Facebook

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SNOWrise! The Falls Creek Morning Show's Facebook