In this episode, we discuss Manny Santiago's rise from nothing to everything. Ditching Floyd Mayweather, the sights and smells of Dave Bachinksy's hats, how being unable to ollie hooked him on skateboarding, finally landing his dream sponsor, and making Salt & Pepper.

Manny is a professional skateboarder born in Puerto Rico but raised in Massachusetts who in a short time has gone from making homie videos at home in Lowell, MA with his friends to being one of the top pros in the industry, often seen at the Berrics, skating Street League, and dropping heavy video parts.

At the same time, Manny is always giving back to his roots; be that in Lowell or by hosting the annual Prince of Puerto Rico skate competition where he likes to bring along some of his favorite professional skateboarder friends to help provide opportunities for the kids out there killing it as well as to let the locals see some of their heroes skate in person.

Manny is known as one of the friendliest, yet most hard-working people in skateboarding, and we sat down with him to find out why.