Why Your Company Needs To Use Video


Creating a branded video is not easy, especially if you don’t know where to begin. But with the right marketing strategy, the process becomes far less daunting. When working with Fresh Ink Marketing, I had the opportunity to discuss the needs of businesses in the digital age, and how using organic and paid video can get the results every brand is looking for.

James Manning Interview | The Jeff Crilley Show

Video Case Study 


The goals

  • Establish a larger online presence using video.
  • Develop digital marketing content and distribution methods designed to engage target audiences.
  • Utilize video content for lead generation and increasing website traffic.
  • Decrease sales team time with prospects and close sales gap with persuasive video.


The solution

  • Develop mobile friendly, useful video content to attract potential customers.
  • Utilize keyword research to develop effective video strategy based on search intent.
  • Launch video campaign to help drive lifelong organic traffic.


The results


  • 13,000 + organic views on YouTube alone

  • 45% Increase in organic website traffic

  • 65 + organic engagements

  • Top ranked result for the industry keywords searched on YouTube


Focusing on “How To” video content, we highlighted this company's expansive industry knowledge. Our YouTube certified team worked to increase ROI by establishing the them as a leading expert in the construction industry. Through the combination of digital strategy and video marketing, we were able to boost the online brand presence for this brand.