Dallas filmmaker Adrian Hodge and his crew of gnarly, fresh-faced skateboarders have been on a path of destruction for the last five years. What started as 4duos montages turned to winning The Berrics' YouNited Nations 2 and has now culminated in the release of a full-length, mind-blowing skate video. Hear Adrian discuss the process behind making the video, distributing it, VX vs HD, who the angriest D.R.E.A.M. skater is, and where people can find his new video in this Texas-backed episode.

Adrian Hodge is a local filmmaker from Dallas who, with his crew of heavy-hitting skaters, has been well-known in the Texas skateboarding community for years now. He first came to more national attention when his edit of his skate crew won The Berrics' YouNited Nations 2 competition and they were flown out to California to film a montage at the Berrics.

Now, after five years in the making, Adrian has finally released the first full-length D.R.E.A.M. skate video. It has had premieres from Dallas to Long Beach, CA and is currently being sold both in stores and online and is dropping as many jaws in real life as hammers in the video.