Creating a buzz outside the box in skateboard marketing

Modest about his career path, Global Skate Category Manager of DC Shoes and co-founder of Flying Strangers, Jeff Goforth has the business mind for marketing in skateboarding. Staying aware of the end consumer, Jeff knows what it takes to maintain success in a business. He shares his knowledge and hopes of skateboard marketing.

“When it comes down to it it’s about interacting with people and having them interact with your brand.”

Jeff Goforth started as a store manager which led to his work as a buyer and - now - Global Skate Category Manager of DC Shoes. Jeff also teamed up with Chris Ray and Mikey Taylor on the art collaboration, Flying Strangers.  This episode of the Skate To Create skateboarding podcast is about being open-minded and flexible to every opportunity. 

“You're just trying to create a buzz. ”

Click photo for Jeff Goforth's Tumblr.

Click photo for Jeff Goforth's Tumblr.

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