Jeff Ullrich: Scratching An Itch To Stay Sustainable In Podcasting   

Starting off in the right direction isn’t always easy, but timing and dedication help. Founder of Midroll Media and co-founder of Earwolf Podcasts, Jeff Ullrich, stumbled on a career path in a field that wasn’t yet plowed. Taking charge of supporting his team’s work Jeff hit the streets to sell the comedy podcasts he worked with.

“It’s really hard to sell things that other people don’t understand.”

Jeff Ullrich is the chairman for Midroll Media, housing Earwolf and Wolfpop podcast networks. The team at Midroll Media work with podcasts like Comedy Bang! Bang! and WTF with Marc Maron to find advertisers suitable for original content. This episode of the Skate To Create skateboarding podcast is about solving problems in a creative manner, rather than waiting around.

“If my seven-year-old’s dentist in St. Charles, IL listened to his first podcast last night, then we’ve made it as an industry.”

Click Jeff Ullrich's photo for his website.

Click Jeff Ullrich's photo for his website.

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