We know that Index can throw a great shindig, and Saturday April 4th, 2015. My brother Daniel Manning and I went downtown for the Art festival that was held in "Deep Ellum', presumably every year, but I did not bother to look it up... better not to dwell in the past. 

Either way, it was held this year and we were really hyped to hear that Jesus Fuentes was releasing a video and that it was going to have a premiere held at this festival. The exhibit was called "Las Rosas", and it not only featured an epic video from Fuentes, but also many local artists showing art. The night was full of colorful characters, friendly faces, and good times to be had. No shock there.

In case you missed, here is more info:

Las Rosas - http://www.indexskateboarding.com/2015/03/17162/