The business side of skateboarding is a hard thing to not only break into, but keep afloat; especially if it is your own business  model. Rarely, does a skateboarding company thrive or resurface after it goes under. This could be due to many factors, with no proven method of finding the undeniable root causes. Some of those factors can even include the owner’s own incompetence or the widely known fact that most skateboarders have to be selective of where they spend their money.


Tanner Napier  with an epic wall ride

Tanner Napier with an epic wall ride

This trend is not lost upon the north Texas skate scene, which has seen its fair share of ups and downs in local skating-related businesses. Having said all of that however, occasionally a skate business, or more specifically a skate park, will open with such a charge and mass following, making it hard to ignore. The Royal Deca crew and I were fortunate enough to experience such an example, on New Years day, when 4DWN opened it’s doors to the public.


The parking there is insane, and luckily, we found a parking spot near the entrance. As we walked in, a few muddy towels laid on the ground near the threshold to wipe our feet, since the parking lot is dirt and it was raining. A huge half pipe remained outside, which is probably a lot of fun when it isn’t raining. 


Now to be clear, this was not my first time there, but it was my first time since their amazing, new remodel. The new park is stuffed with new rails, stair sets, and ramps. One of the coolest features of the park, that to me is reminiscent of The Berrics, is its interchangeability. As a friend of mine, Kyle Jacobson, told me while we were standing on the sidelines watching others skate, "a lot of the parts can be switched out to create all new obstacles". As a skater, this is extremely important and a really helpful addition to any skate park. After awhile, skating the same things over and over no longer present the challenges we all look for.


4DWN is owned and operated by vert rider, Mike Crum. The Royal Deca crew and I had the pleasure of speaking with him briefly, when introducing ourselves at the event. He is a super nice guy and an amazing skateboarder. According to Wikipedia, he has “contributed to the skateboarding industry in many ways including trick invention, endemic entrepreneurship, signature boards, signature shoes and film/media appearances.”


Back to the event: I got to skate a bit, but the park was so packed it reminded me of a story professional skateboarder, Cody McEntire, spoke about while he skated a contest at the famous spot Wallenberg. He talked about how convoluted the area was that everyone was waiting in to throw themselves down Wallenberg.  The wait was so long in between tries, that by the time you got to try your trick, you legs were stiff from standing so long. My experience was similar, though I had a lot of fun nonetheless. Plus, anyone that was there had the privilege of watching many local rippers completely killing it, including Josh Love. Josh had come back from California and was skating the New Years re-open event.


Between the awesome course and great skate environment, I can not wait to skate the park again. The entry fee on normal days is only $5 and is well worth it. 4DWN skatepark is located at 2633 Ferris St, Dallas, TX 75226. For more information, visit or call them at 214-862-0917. I will see you all out there soon!