Episode 1

"Why We Got Started and How We Began Making Something from Nothing"

This episode explores the co-owners of our very own company, James and Daniel Manning, who literally began with nothing but an idea and determination which let them to creating their own company, Royal Deca. They therefore became business owners, working as their own bosses, within a relatively short period of time through perseverance and working harder and wanting it more than anyone else.

When James first started skateboarding learning how to Ollie was the biggest feet, he found out it took him much longer than most. Falling, or failing at a task, can hurt in many different ways. But you need to realize that when you reach your goal, you'll be able to look back and say that you took a hard beating to attain your dream which shows in and of itself how strong your drive and motivation to achieve that dream was. It all comes down to persistence.

One of the brothers’ low points took place throughout a good part of their twenties; at the time they enjoyed a lifestyle of playing music, partying, and not only lacking a destination to shoot for in life, but also a destination to sleep for that night. However, they came to realize that they both wanted to achieve and become more in life.  

The epiphany finally came to James and Daniel live as they do the podcast! They realize just how far they've come in so short a time. With them both actually being there in the flesh with the microphones on the podcast show, it finally sunk in that they had successfully transformed their idea, which had not long ago been nothing more than a thought and a dream, to an actual, legitimate business which they themselves owned. At this special moment caught live on tape, they realize that they truly can accomplish anything they set out to do with their infectious blend of positive thinking and perseverance.