What is the Skate To Create podcast?

The inaugural episode opens with an excerpt from the video "A Beautiful Mind", with "the Godfather of street skating" Rodney Mullen saying a few words about the potential that skateboarders posses. For the full video interview with Rodney Mullen, visit http://theberrics.com/gen-ops/a-beautiful-mind.html?autoplay

The Skate to Create podcast explores the idea that skateboarders really have an advantage in life, especially when it comes to starting a business/project. In each episode, we discuss different ways that it can be seen through our own experiences, as well as the many careers and experiences of our guests. The co-owners of the Dallas based design company, James and Daniel Manning literally began with nothing but an idea and determination to keep failing until they “got it right”. This led them to creating their own 100% skater owned and operated design company, and soon after, their own show. Like every pair of business owners working as their own bosses, they try to persevere through the hard times by staying positive, looking for help when necessary, and straight up hard work. They also were fortunate enough to partner in Royal Deca with their production lead and STC resident engineer, Travis Littig. Once the three committed to the newly formed business and idea to create a podcast, soon after were led to a chance meeting with amazing skateboarder and writer, Vincent Theolier. Once they were added to the roster, the Skate to Create Podcast was born.

If you are creative, and would like some real world advice on how to start your own business/project, or even just listen to your favorite personalities talk about their love of skateboarding, you are in the right place.


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