Hello Internet,

I get the feeling that you might think that I have gone missing, turned up dead, or finally worked myself into resembling a slightly browner version of Howard Hughes.

Well, I would love to put your mind at
ease, but instead I'll just tell you the
truth. The past few months have been
great, please don't get me wrong. I have
been able to pursue my creative
aspirations in a way that I simply never
thought possible. Being able to work
with many brands and companies that I
have not only heard of before, but have
been inspired by when I was growing
up. Working for Holden custom products
has been a great experience. I am
learning so much. Not to mention how
great it feels to be exactly where you
want to be. There appears to be a clear
path to becoming a creative director of
a company. I am merely beginning to
understand this path, but I am glad that
it is under my feet, instead of off in the