Audience Growth

As a YouTube certified video marketer, I help brands grow using video. 

What does being YouTube certified mean? It means YouTube trained James Manning to help brands grow using video. 

He has over 7 years of video production, podcasting, and SEO experience and is a leading video SEO strategist and evangelist. As the founder of Royal Deca, James helps businesses of all sizes drive meaningful results using online video and audio.

Specialties include:

- Video Marketing & Video SEO

- Video Production & Editing

- Conversion Strategy & Media

- Sales Funnel Strategy

- Facebook Marketing

- Video Advertising

- Podcast Production

- YouTube Marketing & Strategy

- YouTube Channel & Campaign Management

- Video Analytics

- Google Analytics

- On-Site Video SEO

- Video Distribution & Promotion

- Email Marketing

Designer. Content Creator. Product Developer. Creative Director. Cinematographer. Artist. Skateboarder. Fire Starter.